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Champagne glass (crystal) cm h 23 x cl 19 (Pewter, lead-free Crystal glass) - collection: Tosca. Cosi Tabellini.
     Champagne glass (crystal), cm h 23 x cl 19


Champagne glass (crystal)
cm h 23 x cl 19

Designer: Alberto Tabellini - David Reiss


Price display: €

Materials used:
Pewter, lead-free Crystal glass

No matter what the occasion, wedding, anniversary, simply good news… this exquisite pewter and crystal champagne glass, which featured in the film Ferdinando & Carolina, is qualified for the task in hand. The elegant pewter stem allows the drinker to hold the flute there without affecting the temperature of the glass, ensuring the champagne stays cool, when champagne tastes its best, and the flute shape encourages a slow rise of bubbles to the rim, prolonging effervescence.

The champagne glass, sold in pairs, is complemented by many others within the Tosca glassware range, each handcrafted by Italian pewterers; all with solid tactile pewter stems and elegant crystal glass.

These glasses simply look and feel good.