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Tin wedding: 10th years celebration

10 anni nozze di stagno

The 10th wedding anniversary is also known as the "tin wedding anniversary".

During the celebration, the cake cutting is a very significant event: he grabs the knife, she puts her hand on top of her husband's and together they cut the cake. The wife will serve the first slice to her spouse, renewing the promise to stay side by side for their entire life.

Not everybody knows that tin , when not combined with antimony and exposed to cold environments (lower than -13.2 degrees), can get "sick", mutating its colour from silver white to dull grey. If the exposure to such environment persists, the metal starts to crumble and with time it becomes dust. Similarly, if you reached the "tin wedding anniversary", your wedding has not been exposed to the "cold": in other words, you found the right "alloy" of heat, love and communication.

Cosi Tabellini's products are made of an alloy composed by tin (93%-95%), copper and antimony, which prevents the tin from getting "sick". A gift made of tin reminds us of the importance of keeping our relations "warm". We offer our collection in the classic or bright polish finish. For the tin wedding celebration we suggest gifts in the polish version because it better represents the bright restoration of the married love.

10 anni di matrimonioFor the celebration the tradition prescribes to donate yellow sugared almonds. The best idea is to place them on trays, plates or bowls, so that the guests can serve themselves. Tin wedding: 10th years celebration