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Tulip champagne glass, grey, Pewter and lead-free Crystal glass, cm h 23,5 x cl 17
     Tulip champagne glass grey, cm h 23,5 x cl 17 Tulip champagne glass (Pewter and lead-free Crystal glass)


Tulip champagne glass

cm h 23,5 x cl 17
Pewter and lead-free Crystal glass
color: grey

Engrave personalized

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Ref: 11800

The tall and slender appearance of the Barolo Pewter & Crystal Champagne Trumpet Flute is the epitome of celebration.

There has been much conjecture and debate as to the best way to serve champagne and other sparkling wines, but most, if not all, experts now agree that the champagne coupe, once the favoured glass of aristocrats and Hollywood starlets, loses its carbonation, bouquet and aroma too quickly due to its saucer-like shape, and the more modern taller, narrower flute allows the ‘bubbles’ in bubbly, and ‘sparkles’ in sparkling wine, to remain for far longer, allowing you sip the champagne more slowly.

The trumpet-like shape of this style of flute enhances the flow of bubbles to the crown, concentrating the aromas and amplifying the rich taste of the champagne, which is particularly important for older, more complex champagnes, which can become stifled if served in a very narrow glass.

The elegant pewter stem allows the drinker to hold the glass without affecting the temperature of the glass as pewter isn't a good conductor of heat, ensuring the champagne stays cool, when champagne tastes its best. The crystal is also more refractive than glass, meaning your champagne will look even more sparkly!

The Champagne Trumpet Flute is complemented by many others within the Barolo glassware range, each handcrafted by Italian pewterers; all high quality crystal, with solid tactile pewter stems, to enhance your drinking experience.