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Rotweinglas, Grau, Zinn und Bleifreies Kristallglas, cm h 24 x cl 73
     Rotweinglas Grau, cm h 24 x cl 73 Rotweinglas (Zinn und Bleifreies Kristallglas)



cm h 24 x cl 73
Zinn und Bleifreies Kristallglas
Farbe: Grau

Preis: €

Ref: 11790

Designer: Alberto Tabellini

A commonly held view amongst wine professionals is that the design of a wine glass, from the shape of the bowl to the design of the rim, can directly affect the way the wine is appreciated by heightening and enhancing the wine’s aromas, textures, flavours and finish, and certain glass designs allow us to savour particular grape varieties better than others.

The Barolo Large Tulip-Shaped Wine Glass is the ideal design for drinking Pinot Noir (or Pinot Nero as the grape variety is known in Italy!) and Red Burgundy wines. Its distinctive shape includes a large bowl which allows more air to enter the wine and the aromatic bouquet to develop to its fullest. The slight outwardly-flared rim directs the wine onto the tip of the tongue, the zone of the palate that perceives sweetness, highlighting the wine’s intense fruit flavours, but tempering its high acidity, providing a pleasant long-lasting aftertaste – all important for these glorious wines.

The Pinot Noir / Burgundy wine glass is complemented by many others within the Barolo glassware range, each handcrafted by Italian pewterers; all high quality crystal, with solid tactile pewter stems, to enhance your drinking experience.