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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pewter?
Pewter is an alloy (a combination of base metals) that is made of tin, copper and antimony. To truly be pewter, an alloy must contain at least 92% tin; Cosi Tabellini Pewter contains 95% of the highest quality tin, and absolutely no lead. Hence, the “95” that is stamped into each piece of Cosi Tabellini Pewter. click here for complete details.

Is Cosi Tabellini pewter food safe?
Cosi Tabellini Pewter is lead free and completely food safe.

Can i cook in my Cosi Tabellini pewter?
Pewter is a soft metal with a low melting point. Cosi Tabellini Pewter should never be placed in an oven, microwave or exposed to an open flame.

Can i put my flatware and pewter and ceramic tableware in the dishwasher?
Cosi Tabellini Flatware and pewter and ceramic tableware are dishwasher safe. We recommend that you use a low heat setting with liquid dishwasher soap. However, if you have hard water (water with a high mineral content) we do not recommend using a dishwasher, as elements in the water could cause tarnishing or pitting of your pewter. Please do not wash any Cosi Tabellini pewter in the extreme temperatures of a commercial dishwasher.

Can i put my Cosi Tabellini stemware or barware in the dishwasher?
Stemware, tumblers and any other objects made of glass and pewter should only be washed by hand, and should not be presoaked in hot water as part of the washing process, as prolonged immersion in hot water will weaken the bond between glass and pewter.

What substances can attack and stain pewter?
It is best to avoid leaving foods such as citrus juices and types of salad dressings in the pewter for too long.

My pewter has darkened over time and shows signs of oxidation. How to clean and polish it?
Unlike silver, pewter tarnishes very slowly, requiring minimal attention to keep it attractive. Gradually a natural patina will form which will enhance its beauty, softening the already soft lines and adding warmth and character to the object. If, however, you prefer to remove the oxidized patina we can offer you this product: "Pewter cleaner".
A mirror polish can only be achieved using professional rotary brushes, please contact us if this is the case.

My pewter is scratched and has small stains, how can I remove them?
Stains and scratches can be removed simply by rubbing in small circular motions with extra-fine '0000' grade steel wool or by using a mildly abrasive paste, such as that used to polish car bodywork. In the case of deeper scratches or significant stains, it is possible to use 180, 240 and 400 grit sandpaper in succession and then smooth out the entire surface with '0000' grade extra-fine steel wool.

The surface of the pewter parts has small holes. Is it a defect or a feature of the casting?
Most of our pewters are obtained using the centrifugal casting technique. Thanks to the relatively low costs of the molds suitable for this technology, we can create our creations in quantities that are not too large and in this way, guarantee our customers a high range of products.
The downside is that this casting method does not allow the small air bubbles that mix in the alloy during casting of the piece into the mold to be completely eliminated and which must be accepted as a characteristic of our production which is still, in fact, very artisanal .

The pewter edge has separated from the ceramic part. How do you reattach the edge?
send us an email to info@cositabellini.it, possibly with a photo of the dish or the item code and we will send you the procedure to follow.

In one glass, the glass came loose from the stem. What procedure to follow to repair it?
send us an email to info@cositabellini.it, possibly with a photo of the glass or the item code and we will send you the procedure to follow.

A candlestick fell and the stem bent. How to straighten it?
Pewter is a malleable alloy and straightening it by hand will probably be sufficient. If you don't succeed, send us an email to info@cositabellini.it, possibly with a photo of the candlestick and we will send you the procedure to follow.

What do the stamps mean?
You can find the meaning of our stamps on the page: "Touchmarks"

A plate/glass broke. Can ceramic and glass be replaced?
If you break a piece of your crystal and pewter glasses, wine or beer glasses, or pottery with pewter finishes, we offer a discounted replacement program.
Contact info@cositabellini.it and provide us with a photo or part number broken item (this number can be found on each product page under the product name). Cosi Tabellini will confirm the discounted cost of the replacement.
After approving the cost of the replacement, Cosi Tabellini will send you instructions for sending the broken item back to us.
Once Cosi Tabellini receives your returned broken item, we will send you a new replacement item at a discounted price.
Cosi Tabellini is not responsible for shipping costs or lost returns.