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Cognacglas, Grau, Zinn und Bleifreies Kristallglas, cm h 14 cl 57
     Cognacglas Grau, cm h 14 cl 57



cm h 14 cl 57
Zinn und Bleifreies Kristallglas
Farbe: Grau

Preis: €

Ref: 11171

Designer: Alberto Tabellini

Raum:    15    

The Tosca Pewter & Crystal Large Brandy Snifter is the ideal vessel for enjoying a glass of your favourite brandy after dinner, relaxing in front of an open fire while the worries of the world fade into the background.

Larger than the Cosi Tabellini Tosca Cognac Glass, but with a slightly less curved balloon profile, it is ideal for swirling its contents to help release the full flavours and aromas, aided by its inward-curved rim to concentrate the heady bouquet.

This style of brandy glass was once known as a brandy ‘inhaler’, the term deriving from the approach to savouring brandy, whereby one inhales the cupped aromas of the brandy before sipping. However it is now more commonly known as a ‘snifter’, the name derived from the 19th Century British colloquialism for a small amount of alcohol in a glass, and the now obsolete Scottish and northern English verb ‘snift’, meaning to ‘sniff’ (or smell).

Due to its larger size, it holds 57 cl, and stands 14 cm tall, the Tosca Large Brandy Snifter can also be used to serve mixed drinks, such as mixing ‘Very Special’ or 3-Star brandy with ginger ale or soda.

Beer drinkers are even known to use the glass as a vessel for drinking certain styles of beer with complex aromas, such as imperial stout, double India pale ale and barley wine.

The Tosca Large Brandy Snifter is complemented by many others within the Cosi Tabellini glassware range, each handcrafted by Italian pewterers; all high quality crystal, with solid tactile pewter stems and bases, to enhance your drinking experience.