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Martiniglas, Grau, Zinn und Bleifreies Kristallglas, cm h 19,5 x cl 30
     Martiniglas Grau, cm h 19,5 x cl 30 Martiniglas (Zinn und Bleifreies Kristallglas) Martiniglas - Kollektion: Barolo



cm h 19,5 x cl 30
Zinn und Bleifreies Kristallglas
Farbe: Grau

Preis: €

Ref: 11990

Designer: Alberto Tabellini

Raum:    2    

The classic Martini, be it made with vodka or the more traditional gin, served with olive or a twist, and either shaken, à la Bond, or stirred, this iconic drink deserves an equally iconic vessel; the Cosi Tabellini Martini glass is just that, combining the charm and solidity of pewter, with the shine of the crystal.

The classic shape of this cocktail glass is both aesthetic and functional; the wide mouth enhances the taste of the drink, especially the aromatics of a vermouth and gin mixture, as well as showing off the garnish, the classic green olive in the case of the classic Martini, but other classic cocktails served without ice, such as Manhattans and Cosmopolitans, can also be served authentically in this glass.

The conical shape prevents the drinks from separating and the long stylish pewter stem means that body heat from ones hands is kept away from the chilled liquid.

Popular legend adds that during the days of prohibition in the 1920s and 1930s United States, the wide mouth enabled an illegal alcoholic drink to be rapidly 'spilled', and thus absolving the individual and establishment of any crime, if a police raid occurred.