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Weinglas, Grau, Zinn und Bleifreies Kristallglas, cm h 19,5 x cl 25
     Weinglas Grau, cm h 19,5 x cl 25



cm h 19,5 x cl 25
Zinn und Bleifreies Kristallglas
Farbe: Grau

Preis: €

Ref: 10610

Designer: Alberto Tabellini

Raum:    12    

Perfectly proportioned for a generous sip of a medium-bodied red wine, this wine glass is versatile and can, in fact, be used for enjoying both red and white wines.

Strictly speaking, the design is that of a Chianti / Zinfandel glass in style – for medium-bodied wines made from grape varieties like Sangiovese or Zinfandel. The shape of the glass is designed to direct the flow of the wine to the middle of the palate, to bring out the fruit flavours and experience the complex balance of flavour, acidity and tannins. However, the glass can be considered as a good all-purpose wine glass, for enjoying mature red wines such as Bordeaux’s, to highlight the fruit and revive tannin levels, as well as benefiting dry aromatic white wines, such as Grüner Veltliner and Riesling.

The Red Wine Glass is complemented by many others within the Barolo glassware range, each handcrafted by Italian pewterers; all high quality crystal, with solid tactile pewter stems, to enhance your drinking experience.