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Stellar compass, grey, Pewter, cm Ø 17,5
     Stellar compass grey, cm Ø 17,5


Stellar compass
cm Ø 17,5
color: grey

Ref: 9670

Designer: Enrico Cosi - Sergio Tabellini

Engrave personalized

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The observation of the stars and their position in the celestial sphere has fascinated man since the beginning of recorded history. For this reason various types of intruments were made in order to make easier the identification of the constellation and their movements.

With the Stella Compass it is possible to locate the posizion of the consyellation of the Northern hemisphere according to the month in which the sky is observed. To do this it is necessary to have the inscription "MEDIA NOCTE" ( on the compass ) coincide with the zodiacal sector of the period of observation; then, turn the complete instrument until the compass needle is orientated towards the polestar "POLARIS"(North).

The celestial sphere will now correspond to the one represented on your instrument. For optimal results the stellar compass should be used at midnight. You will now find directly overhead (Zenith) the constellation which appears underneath the compass.