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Soup - pasta bowl, grey and White, Pewter and Ceramic, cm Ø 25
     Soup - pasta bowl grey and White, cm Ø 25


Soup - pasta bowl

cm Ø 25
Pewter and Ceramic
color: grey and White

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Made from Italian ceramic with an 18th century-style pewter border, this soup dish combines the elegance of two natural elements that complement each other, creating something truly unique. The entire collection of ceramic and pewter plates is hand-assembled by our pewter artisans without the use of adhesives, resulting in a product that is elegant and also durable.  Ideal for stews, soups or pasta dishes, it will add a touch of elegance to your table. This ceramic and pewter soup dish is ideal for special occasions, but is also suitable for everyday use.  The alloy we use for casting each object is tin, bonded with antimony and copper. The Italian pewter we use meets all EU and US requirements for food safety.