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Theriaca Vessel, grey, Pewter, cm h 46
     Theriaca Vessel grey, cm h 46


Theriaca Vessel

cm h 46
color: grey

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Ref: 34330

Designer: Giorgio Tabellini

This large pewter Theriaca vessel, which belonged to the pharmacy of the College of Jesuits of Toulouse, bears the engraving “Theriaca Magna Andromachi Seniores”.  Theriaca was one of the oldest pharmacy medicines, and Andromacus of Crete, the personal physician of Emperor Nero, is thought to have invented it. Theriaca was modified often over the years, and in the eighteenth century it contained 72 drugs including myrrh, gentian, acacia, cinnamon, juniper, black pepper, lemon, anise, valerian, pure opium, licorice, Narbonne honey, three quarts of Spanish wine and viper’s tail. Theriaca was used against all diseases, and in particular against violent coughs, contagious diseases and malignant fevers.