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Stopper holder art deco cm 10,5x14,5 (Pewter / Britannia Metal) - collection: Secession. Cosi Tabellini.

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Stopper holder art deco
cm 10,5x14,5

Designer: reproduced by Achille Gamba

Price display: €

collection: Art Nouveau

Materials used: Pewter / Britannia Metal

Cosi Tabellini's Art Deco Bottle Stopper Holder is the perfect way of displaying your collection of bottle stoppers, rather than keeping them hidden in a drawer.

This expertly handcrafted wine connoisseur's storage tool, holding two bottle stoppers, with a carry handle, is in the iconic bold geometric and decorative form of Art Deco, an evolution from the more organic Art Nouveau style, and is part of Cosi Tabellini's Art Nouveau collection.

It is the perfect companion to the extensive range of ornate pewter bottle stoppers in Cosi Tabellini's Combo collection.

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