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cm h 11 x cl 32
Zinn und Bleifreies Kristallglas
Farbe: Grau

Preis: €

Ref: 11170

Designer: Alberto Tabellini

Raum:    15    

The experience of drinking a fine Cognac, known to be one of the finest drinks there is – the drink of connoisseurs, the King of all spirits - should be one of satisfying all the senses: sight, smell and naturally, taste.

The glass plays an essential part in enjoying Cognac; its size and shape helping to release and concentrate the Cognac’s bouquet and intensifying the flavour. The Cosi Tabellini Tosca Cognac Glass, a balloon glass, also known as a ‘snifter’, is the classic glass used for serving Cognac all over the world; its wide bell shape, that narrows as it reaches the rim, allows the aroma of the Cognac to rise straight to the nose, thus concentrating the smell.

So if you like cradling a glass of the special warming, ‘medicinal’, aromatic brandy of an evening, and you want to find aromas of violet, almond, apricot, roses, cinnamon, nutmeg and oakwood, then the Tosca Cognac Glass is the traditionalists choice to enjoy the different tastes and nuances.

The Tosca Cognac Glass is complemented by many others within the Cosi Tabellini glassware range, each handcrafted by Italian pewterers; all high quality crystal, with solid tactile pewter stems and bases, to enhance your drinking experience.


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