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    letter opener - daisy     letter opener - lily of the valley     bottle opener - oxeye daisy     bottle opener - lily of the valley     bowl with handle - flowers     bowl with handle and feet - flowers     table centerpiece - flower pot     little tray - viola     pentagon bowl with handle -  holly     table centerpiece - tulips     table centerpiece - tulips     oval bowl with handles     oval bowl with handles - poppies     oval bowl with handles - lily of the valley     oval bowl with handles - flowers and leaves     oval bowl with handles - buds     oval bowl -  butterfly and roses     little tray - honey bees     little tray - honey bees     round bowl with handles     liqueur service     three-flames candelabra - daisy     five-flames candelabra - daisy     candlestick - butterfly     daisy     statuette - lady with flowers     statuette - lady with violets     man with flowers figurine     flower pot - iris     flower pot with handles - poppies     flower pot with putto  - iris     flower pot art deco     oval serving platter     decorative wall plate - small bird     charger     pen tray with daisy     champagne bucket     milk pitcher - primula     sugar pot - primula     sugar pot - daisy     decorative wine cork     rectangular tray     rectangular tray - primula     tray     rectangular tray - primula     rectangular tray with flowers     rectangular tray