Measuring instruments made in Italy

Measuring instruments

Tempus fugit - Now that the world has changed direction and is rapidly accelerating towards electronics, the antique scientific instruments for measuring time and space, such as hourglasses, water barometers and compasses, risk being thought of as museum pieces.

The opposite is true, instead. Thanks to the popularity of super-technological electronic instruments, such as multi-function digital watches, barometers that are real and proper weather stations, diaries and calendars incorporated in cell phones and palmtops, the antique scientific instruments of measurement are making a comeback as cult objects that are desired more for reasons of personal style and taste rather than for pure and simple practical use.

These antique scientific instruments that are most appreciated by people who wish to add a touch of classicism to their studios are the more traditional ones, such as hourglasses, tabletop calendars and water barometers. They are now rare and precious objects, but that is precisely why they are making their comeback.

Cosi Tabellini presents a vast range of these unique and unrepeatable items that ignore passing fashion to increase in value over time, maintaining their exclusive appeal over the years.

These useful and decorative antique scientific instruments are the expression of a lifestyle that, even on an everyday basis, cannot make do without a touch of elegant preciousness.