Tableware made in Italy


Table setting etiquette - From everyday habits to real and proper art. In our traditions, setting the table is an elegant practice that, similarly to furnishing and decoration, expresses taste and a quest for beauty.

The formal aspects of the pleasure of dining are based on a long tradition that is not just Italian. The art of setting a table takes us back to faraway times, to the sumptuous decorations of the Ancien Régime. The italian dinnerware at the Renaissance courts were famed for their splendour.

And the contemporary age? Though we are the sons of a civilisation that has given pride of place to dieting, we won't make do with a scanty dish of nouvelle cuisine. This is another reason for retrieving the pleasure of elegant plates, cutlery and soup tureens that are worthy of a tradition that comes from afar.

This heritage is now incorporated in our collections.