Desktop items made in Italy

Desktop items

Gifts for Men - Up until the seventeenth century, the desk was a rare piece of furniture: only men of letters, scientists, aristocrats and merchants knew how to write. In the eighteenth century, however, desks became a more common sight, both in studios and homes.

Today, the desk is an "intimate corner" on which people unthinkingly place objects that somehow represent their values and the objects of their love, almost as if they can be used to protect, remember and keep close to their loved ones during the working day.

Our desktop items are carefully designed in order to satisfy this requirement for intimacy. With their silken surface and sober colour they transmit a pleasant velvety sensation of warmth. Small marks are scratched at random on each of our desktop items so as to give them an "aged" look, almost as if to say that objects in pewter are born, live and age, unlike those belonging to the indestructible world of plastic, resin and steel.