Lighting items made in Italy

Lighting items

The last flames - The home lights up as if by magic if it is illuminated with the glow of candles. In these times dedicated to energy saving, when research is carried out into low-consumption light bulbs, what could be than reverting to lighting methods featuring ancestral and primitive charm?

Candles, candelabra and oil lamps, bearing their multi-facetted symbolic value, triumph and are a monument to positive thinking. The first are allegories of joyful spiritual ascent. After all, the meanings of purification, enlightenment and spiritual love are all condensed in a single flame. Its image represents spirit and transcendence.

Dante considered the candle to depict the soul, while the flame was divine grace, or better, human teaching opposed to revelation by divine grace. The components of this simple source of lighting, wax, wick, fire and air, in fact, are a synthesis of the fundamental elements of nature.

The candelabrum is also an object brimming with ancient symbols. Just think, for example, of the menorah, the seven-armed Jewish candelabrum that, based on biblical instructions and alluding to the number seven, the number of the planets, represents a kind of tree of the world.

For those who wish to recreate the suggestive atmosphere of bygone times in their homes, a vast range of prestigious lighting items, designed by Cosi Tabellini, is available.

The last flames, the timeless appeal of evocative pieces for creating magical suggestions all over the home.