Bath accessories made in Italy

Bath accessories

The bathroom - The trend is clear, it is no longer just a passing fashion. The bathroom has now become one of the most important rooms in the home. The long season of the home where democracy and a sense of modesty reigned had made it a tiresome but necessary "accident" of design that was crammed into as small a space as possible. The room featured efficient and ergonomic bathroom accessories but it was not at all willing to incorporate creative design and the decorative arts. It had become functionally small in order to discourage people from remaining there for longer than was strictly necessary and, as regards architecture, it concealed as well as possible the indecent acts that are performed there, almost as if to deny them. Once this physically and mentally cold trend of reductionism had reached its height, it finished. Now the balance has shifted, now we are seeing the other face of the dualistic nature of the bathroom described by the great writer, Somerset Maugham. The small cell where once just the essential, primordial requirements of nature were satisfied has been forgotten. Its place has been taken by a room that celebrates the irresistible inebriation of savoir vivre, the exuberant joy that accompanies the care and purification of the body, the irresistible attraction of well-being.

Cosi Tabellini has exploited this recent development to produce a small collection of bathroom accessories for its more discerning customers. Discreet objects with a strong personality blend in with a wide variety of decorative solutions.

Classical bathroom accessories for a brand-new bathroom.