Table accessories made in Italy

Table accessories

There's no getting old at the table

The tabletop, intended as the stage on which the ritual of eating takes place and, more generally speaking, as a metaphor for dining, was born and developed together with man. There's no getting old at the table, goes a much abused popular saying, but it's the table that doesn't age, not us. It always keeps abreast of fashion and is based on a meditative lifestyle that we think will be the only one to last well into the future.

Even when it is drastically modified, it never severs links with its glorious past, with the pomp of the great banquets of the Sun King or Napoleon, of nineteenth century courts and of the enlightened magnates of the early twentieth century. This is because certain conventions, such as the position of the diners and the arrangement of the plates, cutlery, glasses, napkins and tabletop accessories, remain untouchable.

The materials and forms of tabletop accessories are none other than a means of highlighting this “immortality” which is the lifeblood of the very idea of the tabletop. The important items produced by Cosi Tabellini offer precise suggestions on how to make tabletop settings even more beautiful and functional.