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"If I could but banish you from every kingdom in the world". Very few will have recognised the hand of Giacomo Leopardi in this verse dedicated to "soup". But it was the precisely the creator of The Infinite who also wrote some hard-hitting martelliano verse against soup in 1809, when he was just eleven. We can imagine the steaming soup tureen being placed before Monaldo, Giacomo's father, in the ancestral residence at Recanati. We know that young Giacomo hardly liked anything at all. He ate very frugally and was only fond of sweets. But in spite of his mother's desperate economies, the Leopardi household boasted elegant dinnerware in the finest eighteenth century Italian style.

The five pewter soup tureens in our range of dinnerware were inspired by this period.

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covered soup bowl with plate
Covered soup bowl with plate
cm ø 14.5 x h 10.5
15405 - IN STOCK
covered soup bowl
Covered soup bowl
cm ø 14.5 x h 10.5
15400 - IN STOCK
beaded round tureen
Beaded round tureen
cm Ø 25 x h 23 lt 3
35290 - IN STOCK
oval tureen
Oval tureen
cm 25 x 20 x lt 2,15
8560 - IN STOCK
cm 22 x 22
13950 - IN STOCK
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