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Cake stands - Pewter

These solid pewter stands, handcrafted in Italy, are elegant and perfect for serving cheesecake or cup cakes.
In late Victorian times, as an evolution of the ritual of afternoon tea, there was a trend to display cakes at the table, elevating them upon a stem, so that they could be easily seen. This fashion has continued, and the sight of a cake stand crowded with sweet tempting treats is an iconic one, promoting, literally, Pavlovian reflexes.

These beautifully understated stands also suit cheeses, they will 'lift' your cheese course to new heights of enjoyment, especially if you allow any accompanying grapes to languidly trail off the edges - beautiful.

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cake server
Cake server
cm 25
10960     GABRIELLA
footed cake plate
Footed cake plate
cm 30 x 8,5
13620     VENEZIA
footed cake plate
Footed cake plate
cm 32,5x10,5
12610     LORETO
cake dish
Cake dish
cm Ø 32,5
20310     CIRCE