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In around 1790, wine coolers had straight sides and a flat pedestal; barrel-shaped versions decorated with circles were later produced. They subsequently featured feet ornated with pod-shaped mouldings and two ring-shaped or horizontal handles.

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double champagne bucket

Double champagne bucket
cm 23 x 33 x h 31
34700     MEDIEVAL
wine bucket

Wine bucket
cm h 19,5
10740     ERBUSCO
Punch bowl

Punch bowl
cm Ø 36,5 x h 20
37990     BAIOCCO
Punch bowl

Punch bowl
cm Ø 36,5 x h 20
37995     BAIOCCO
Beaded Footed Oval Basin

Beaded footed oval basin
cm 44 x 36 x h16
35450     BAIOCCO
champagne cooler

Champagne cooler
cm 18xh20
8521     PIEMONTE
champagne bucket

Champagne bucket
cm 21x18
6390     TODI
champagne cooler

Champagne cooler
cm Ø 50 x h 23
13730     ANDREA DORIA
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