toothpick and cocktail stick holders made in Italy
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Toothpick and cocktail stick holders - Pewter · lead-free Crystal glass

The humble, yet invaluable toothpick - a tiny tool for the chef recreating retro cheese & pineapple, adding olives and cherries to cocktails, and countless infuriating 'something is stuck in my teeth' moments, is honoured, as indeed, it should be, within these exquisite little vessels, quietly, yet beautifully, containing the mini wooden picks for easy access.

Again Cosi Tabellini's skilled craftsmen ensure the utilitarian is promoted to the aesthetic, by marrying the age-old material of solid pewter with equally clean-lined glass. These pieces complements all the others within the same range.

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measuring beaker

Measuring beaker
cm h 6 x Ø 3.5 cl 5
31910     MEDIEVAL
toothpick holder

Toothpick holder
cm Ø3,7xh6
7140     TODI