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A large number of forms and styles have ennobled the "flowerpot" over the centuries. The Greek and Roman civilisations and, more recently, the Renaissance (which gave great importance to gardening) generated a vast range of shapes and decorations that, extraordinarily, have been handed down to allow us to embellish our own balconies and gardens. The flowerpot has always "contained memories and traditions" and, over the centuries, it has maintained its original function intact: holding flowers and plants and acting as a piece of furniture capable of giving a touch of elegance both to small and large gardens. Putting a plant in a flowerpot is a ritual that reveals a strong sense of hope as well as being a pledge of love and attention. Gardening puts us at peace with the world and keeps us in close contact with the earth, the sky and the seasons. This was how the ancients felt and that is why they so often decorated their vases with divine images symbolising this aspect of life.

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