cherubs, putti made in Italy

Cherubs, putti - Pewter

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couple of craftsman angels
Couple of craftsman angels
cm 12x6x10
203950     PUTTO
cherub w/flute
Cherub w/flute
cm h 4,5
254010     PUTTO
music teacher cherub
Music teacher cherub
cm h 4,5
254020     PUTTO
cherub w/horn
Cherub w/horn
cm h 4,5
254030     PUTTO
cherub w/drum
Cherub w/drum
cm h 4,5
254040     PUTTO
cherub w/viola
Cherub w/viola
cm h 4,5
254050     PUTTO
cherub w/bugle
Cherub w/bugle
cm h 4,5
254060     PUTTO