cloches made in Italy

Cloches - Pewter · Glass · lead-free Crystal glass

Practical, attractive and dramatic, these glass or pewter cloches are both handcrafted in Italy by specialist craftsmen.
Perfect for enhancing a collection of cakes and croissants or displaying an assortment of cheeses complete with the green and purple jewels of grapes, languidly complementing the cheeses' mellow hues.

The striking cover sits solidly atop, protecting the delights within; keeping cakes and other fancies fresh and safe from the elements, insects and greedy passers-by, and ensuring a suitable environment, one of stable humidity, to keep soft or rinded cheese in prime condition before serving.

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butter cover
Butter cover
cm 16 x 8,5 x h 4
11402 - IN STOCK
butter cover
Butter cover
cm Ø 11 x h 6
15210 - IN STOCK
cheese cover
Cheese cover
cm 16 x 10 x h 4
15240 - IN STOCK
cheese cover
Cheese cover
cm Ø 25xh8
10689 - IN STOCK
cheese/cake cover
Cheese/cake cover
cm Ø 30xh12
12200 - IN STOCK
cake or cheese cloche
Cake or cheese cloche
cm Ø 28
13540 - IN STOCK
cheese cover
Cheese cover
cm Ø 21,5xh9
6809 - IN STOCK