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Our pewter or glass pitchers, with graceful symmetrical curves, make a real centrepiece on a table or shelf.
In the past, pitchers were used for pouring water for drinking, and for bathing;
Today, the pitcher would still be a stylish and luxurious water jug for the bedroom, but would also make a beautiful centrepiece holding a bouquet of elegantly arranged flowers in the kitchen, bathroom or living room.

The decanter differs from a carafe because the vessel includes a pewter stopper; the process of decanting has ancient origins, when wine was drawn off from a barrel and carried to the table in a pitcher. The uncorking and decanting of a bottle of wine, the more conventional image of decanting, has played a significant role in medieval Italian households and carried out with an almost ritualistic attention to detail, and the exacting procedure is still followed to this day.

Decanting was historically important to separate clear wine from sediment that had built up after extended aging, and to open-up the wine, making it rounder and richer, after being exposed to air - some would say a decanted wine opens up like a rose in bloom.
The topic of which wines benefit from decanting is very complex, but as a general rule, the majority of wines benefit from being decanted, irrespective of their price. Maximum impact is achieved when exposing younger, vigorous wines to air, and such wines can benefit from being decanted many hours, or even a day, before serving; this applies to most wines that we drink today. Older, more fragile wines with a delicate fragrance still benefit from being decanted, but for only fifteen or twenty minutes before serving, as they lose their character more quickly.

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Martini pitcher

Martini pitcher
cm Ø10 x h27 lt. 1,50
11930     SIRMIONE

cm h 16 lt 1
11931     SIRMIONE
Bedside Carafe + Glass

Bedside carafe + glass
cm h 22 cl 92
13450     SIRMIONE
Bedside Carafe

Bedside carafe
cm h 22 cl 92
13451     SIRMIONE
whisky decanter

Whisky decanter
cm h 21 l 1
13500     SIRMIONE
cocktail mixing glass

Cocktail mixing glass
cm Ø 9 x h 15,5 cl 70
13810     SIRMIONE

cm h 24 lt. 2,475
glass pitcher

Glass pitcher
cm h 22,5 lt 1,5
13460     ERBUSCO
glass pitcher

Glass pitcher
cm h 16 x lt 0,5
13480     ERBUSCO
glass pitcher

Glass pitcher
cm h 12 lt 0,25
13490     ERBUSCO
wine decanter, litre

Wine decanter, litre
cm h 22 lt 1
9420     VELLETRI

cm h 18 lt 0,5
9422     VELLETRI

cm h 14 lt 0,25
9423     VELLETRI

cm h 28
10434     VELLETRI

cm h 25
10436     VELLETRI

cm h 28 x lt 1,5
13860     VELLETRI
pitcher / straight

Pitcher / straight
cm 15x14,5
10180     TOSCA
engraved pitcher

Engraved pitcher
cm h 21 x lt 1,6
51410     VENEZIA
water pitcher

Water pitcher
cm h 22,5
7940     SIENA
pitcher / fluted

Pitcher / fluted
cm h 23
6560     BAROCCO
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