traditional figures made in Italy

Traditional figures - Pewter

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cm h 9
297190     BEFANA
aquarius statuette
Aquarius statuette
cm h 4,3
251810     MITO
moorish head statuette
Moorish head statuette
cm h 2,5
250630     MORO
man making a toast
Man making a toast
cm h 4,5
250680     MÜNCHEN
joker figurine
Joker figurine
cm h 5,3
251250     MÜNCHEN
Münchner Kindl
Münchner kindl
cm h 5
251280     MÜNCHEN
hunter with little dog
Hunter with little dog
cm h 5,7
254340     RELIEF
musketeer figurine
Musketeer figurine
cm h 3,7
250690     SOLDATO
crusader statuette
Crusader statuette
cm h 6
250740     SOLDATO
Bacchus statuette
Bacchus statuette
cm h 4,4
250670     VINO
Fromme Helene
Fromme helene
cm 10.5
205770     WILHELM BUSCH
Onkel Nolte
Onkel nolte
cm 10.5
255880     WILHELM BUSCH