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Serving platters - Pewter · Ceramic

We have a large range of pewter serving platters made entirely in pewter or pewter and ceramics. Item 11710 features a useful wooden carving board.
The oval serving platter from the "convivio" series, instead, is made from ironstone ceramics with a pewter band lying flush with the rim which gives it an even more elegant appearance.

Our serving platters are reminiscent of and inspired by the classical traditions that have decorated the tables of noble families throughout Europe over the centuries. The alloy used satisfies all EEC and USA regulations governing containers for alimentary use. They are also dishwasher proof.

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oval serving platter
Oval serving platter
cm 46 x 33
15420     CONVIVIO
oval platter
Oval platter
cm 37x27
15100     CONVIVIO
round serving platter
Round serving platter
cm Ø 48,5
15290     CONVIVIO
casserole dish holder
Casserole dish holder
cm 37 x 22
15380     CONVIVIO
Oval carving platter
Oval carving platter
cm 53.5x34
11710     ETRURIA
round platter
Round platter
cm Ø 48,5
12451     LOMBARDIA
octagonal tray
Octagonal tray
cm 34,5 x 24
7400     AREZZO
oval platter
Oval platter
cm 40,5 x 25,5 x 5,5
110130     FUGA
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