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Serviette rings, serviette holders - Pewter · Wood

Not even if we refer to historical manuals can we find a real and proper code governing the position of the serviette on the table. It is normally discreet folded and placed to the left of the plate. For aesthetic reasons, it may be positioned to the right of the plate and even between the glasses and the bread plate above the plate if dessert cutlery is not used. If there is not enough space, it may be placed on the plate.

Our serviette rings and holders are made from cast pewter. The serviette rings may be round or oval and can be personalised with names or symbols.

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luncheon napkin holder
Luncheon napkin holder
cm 19x19xh4
12800     SIRMIONE
cocktail napkin box
Cocktail napkin box
cm 15,5x15,5xh4
12810     SIRMIONE
key cocktail napkin holder
Key cocktail napkin holder
cm 15,5x15,5xh4
12811     SIRMIONE
dinner napkin holder
Dinner napkin holder
cm 23,5x13,5xh4
12840     SIRMIONE
key horizontal napkin holder
Key horizontal napkin holder
cm 23,5x13,5xh4
12841     SIRMIONE
paper towel holder
Paper towel holder
cm 19 x h 33
13720     BASSANO
key paperweight
Key paperweight
cm 11
12821     CHIAVE
napkin ring - fish
Napkin ring - fish
cm Ø 5
212740     PESCI