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Alberto Tabellini

    rectangular tissue box     squared tissue box     jar with glass     soap dispenser     bath basket     soap dispenser     squared tissue box     bath basket     soap dish     toothbrush cup     soap dispenser (wenge)     tissue box (wenge)     bath basket (wenge)     soap dispenser     bath basket     toothbrush cup     squared tissue box     vanity tray     soap dish     drop stop     bottle stopper holder     decanter label (wine bottle tag)     Christmas ornament     Christmas ornament     Christmas ornament     crudites tray     crudites tray w/4 crystal sector     crudites tray     condiment holder     condiment holder with spoons     condiment holder with spoon     condiment holder     round sectional platter     bottle opener     forged bottle opener     smokeless ashtray     ashtray     basin     oval footed centerpiece     bowl     large bowl with ring     low footed bowl with handles     bowl with handles     oval fruit stand with flower     fruit stand with flowers     basin with flower     bowl     bordered footed bowl     bordered oval bowl     oval fruit stand View All...