Бокал для воды, серый, олова и lead-free Crystal glass, cm h 19,5 x cl 55
     Бокал для воды серый, cm h 19,5 x cl 55 Бокал для воды (олова и lead-free Crystal glass)


Бокал для воды

cm h 19,5 x cl 55
олова и lead-free Crystal glass
цвет: серый

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Дизайнер: Alberto Tabellini

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This elegant crystal water glass is a pleasure to hold and behold, and is good sized for a good sense. Drinking water with one's meal is sensible - to cleanse the palate to appreciate the different courses, or to counteract the alcohol consumed during toasts and relaxed socialising.

The elegant crystal water glass can, in fact, be used for all sorts of drinks, a good beer or cold lager for example. It is complemented by many others within the Tosca glassware range, each handcrafted by Italian pewterers; all crystal, with solid tactile pewter stems, to enhance your drinking experience.