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Подсвечник высокий, серый, олова, cm h 53,5
     Подсвечник высокий серый, cm h 53,5


Подсвечник высокий

cm h 53,5
цвет: серый

Price display: €

Ref: 37540

Дизайнер: Nicola Tabellini

We started with the idea of making a very large pewter candlestick, that would be naturally beautiful and well proportioned, but above all one that would be unique. So we redesigned the small candle holder art. 33940, and created a version measuring more than half a metre in height. The result is this incredible Renaissance-style pewter candlestick, the largest of our collection. The spike soldered into the center of the sconce allows you to secure even a very large candle to the candlestick, and this is also available in a version with a candle support, as in art. 37560.