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Бокал, кубок декоративный, серый, олова, cm h 11
     Бокал, кубок декоративный серый, cm h 11 Бокал, кубок декоративный (олова)


Бокал, кубок декоративный  'Harry'

cm h 11
цвет: серый

Price display: €

Ref: 32900

Дизайнер: Giorgio Tabellini

в фильме: HARRY POTTER

One of our little film stars! This pewter goblet, in a special gold version, appears numerous times on the long tables of Hogwarts castle in the Harry Potter film. You can receive the "Harry Potter" version (silver and gold plated) by writing to info@cositabellini.it, we will answer you about the price and the time of realization as soon as possible.