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Канделябр Эйфель на 2 свечи (с цветами), серый, олова / Britannia Metal, cm h 29,5
     Канделябр Эйфель на 2 свечи (с цветами) серый, cm h 29,5 Канделябр Эйфель на 2 свечи (с цветами) (олова / Britannia Metal)


Канделябр Эйфель на 2 свечи (с цветами)

cm h 29,5
олова / Britannia Metal
цвет: серый

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Ref: 201770

Дизайнер: Albert Mayer

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collection: Art Nouveau

This elegant Candlestick is a famous "Art Nouveau" masterpiece.
Typical for the design of this era was the strong mix of geometric and floral elements and this piece is certainly one of the most spectacular by its intricate design.

It was designed by the influential sculptor/designer Albert Mayer for the well known German firm WMF.
WMF (Wrttembergische Metallwarenfabrik AG) is a tableware manufacturer, founded in 1853 in Geislingen an der Steige, Germany, by the miller Daniel Straub and the brothers Schweizer. It was originally called Metallwarenfabrik Straub & Schweizer and was opened as a metal repairing workshop. Around 1900, they were the world's largest producer and exporter of household metalware, mainly in the Jugendstil, or Art Nouveau style. They are best known for the period of Albert Mayer, sculpter and designer, who was director of the WMF Art Studio from 1884 to 1914. Mayer specialized in designs which depicted beautiful maidens & nymphs with flowing hair and graceful postures.

This item is illustrated at page 111 of the original "The Art Nouveau Domestic Metalwork Catalogue" from W.M.F. as model nº 192/2.
In the picture you can see the original design illustrated in the catalog.

The reproduction of this work is hand-made in Britannia metal as the original and has the same size and finish.
Britannia metal is a pewter-type alloy favoured for its silvery appearance and smooth surface. The composition is 93% tin, 5% antimony, and 2% copper.