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Стенд д/визиток Liberty - 219

cm 34 x 22
олова / Britannia Metal
цвет: серый

Price display: €

Ref: 211290

Дизайнер: Achille Gamba

collection: Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau-style jewellery tray in figural and plant form. The tray depicts a young maiden reading a book reclining against of support of flower buds and stems positioned along one edge. The maiden is wearing a long, flowing pleated dress with flower-like sleeves, and is sat among flowers and tendrils which curve sinuously and extend into a whiplash form around the hem of the dress.

This item is a reproduction of model no. 219 from WMF’s original “The Art Nouveau Domestic Metalwork Catalogue” dated 1906, as illustrated within our image collection. It was originally entitled: ‘Visiting Card Tray’.