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Dessert items

Sweets & coffee - Whether they are served as a dessert at the end of a meal or offered during afternoon tea, sweets are perhaps the most sublime of the pleasures of the palate. Precisely because they are the protagonists of social occasions during which, there's no point in denying that they exercise a positive and reviving influence. Their presentation must therefore be accompanied by the finest creations of tabletop art.

The place of honour on the tabletop is generally reserved to centre-pieces, cake plateau stands and trays which, as well as being perfect for traditional sweets such as cakes, puddings and mixed pastries, also perform a particularly decorative function. Wrapped chocolates, small meringues, bonbons and, generally speaking, all the sweets you can pick up with your fingers can be offered in large or small bowls, cake plateau or baskets. The dessert items in our collection feature a practically unlimited range of shapes.

Let's use our imagination and creativity to match them with plates, glasses, decorative objects and fabric complements, as well as the sweets themselves, of course, under the influence of that harmonious interaction between containers and what they contain which is the secret of a perfectly set tabletop.

Defined as the "wine of Islam" as it is a product of Arab culture which is opposed to the pleasures of alcohol, coffee reached Europe towards the middle of the seventeenth century. The aristocracy soon adopted coffee, more as a ritual than a stimulating drink; for the nobility of the times, in fact, the containers used to drink it and the occasions for showing off elegance and finesse that it offered were more important than the pleasing properties of this ancient beverage. Coffee sets became precious elements of court ceremonial.

The shapes of our coffee sets are reminiscent of and inspired by this noble tradition.