pet bowls made in Italy

Pet bowls - Pewter · Stainless steel

These pewter and enamel feeding bowls, are the perfect gift for the pampered pet in your life. Cosi Tabellini's popular Convivio range of tableware extends beyond the kitchen and dining table to the lower-level domain of our canine companions and feline friends; our beloved dogs and cats.

The intricate process of fusing pewter, with enamel and stainless steel, produces a durable object of both function and beauty, not unlike the intended users, whether a working hound, or a lap dog, a capable mouser or a purring comforter, our pets often serve a purpose, if only to enhance our lives and soothe us, as well as being, well, in our biased eyes anyway, absolutely gorgeous.

The inner bowl is removable for ease of cleaning.

What better way to prove that they really are part of the family...

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pet bowl
Pet bowl
cm Ø 23.5 x h 7.5 (ins Ø 18)
13430     CONVIVIO
pet bowl
Pet bowl
cm Ø 18 x h 6 (ins Ø 14)
13440     CONVIVIO