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Бокалы, фужеры, стаканы и рюмки Сделано в Италии
Drinkware > Бокалы, фужеры, стаканы и рюмки

Бокалы, фужеры, стаканы и рюмки - олова · Стекло · lead-free Crystal glass

Vertical, transparent and, sometimes, coloured glasses set the layout of the tabletop in motion. Three glasses, placed diagonally at the top of the plate towards the tip of the knife, are generally used: the largest is for water; the medium one is used for red wine while the smallest one is for white wine. If a dessert wine is also served, a fourth glass is added; for champagne a flûte is placed next to the water glass.

Our glasses are made from crystal or glass and mounted on a cast pewter base so that they match the rest of our dinnerware. There are also goblets and tankards entirely made from pewter for those who wish to recreate a medieval atmosphere in their homes. The alloy used satisfies all EEC and USA regulations governing containers for alimentary use. They are also dishwasher proof.

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бокал для пива
Бокал для пива
cm h 16,3 x cl 50
13690     SIRMIONE
бокал для пива
Бокал для пива
cm h 12,6 x cl 25
13691     SIRMIONE
cm h 12 x cl 45
8610     PIEMONTE
cm h 10 x cl 30
8611     PIEMONTE
cm h 8,5 x cl 15
8612     PIEMONTE
cm h 16,5 x cl 105
8613     PIEMONTE
cm h 11
12160     PIEMONTE
cm h 9 x cl 25
7960     FRANCIA
cm h 13,5 x cl 33
7970     FRANCIA
стакан для виски
Стакан для виски
cm h 13,5 cl 22
13650     ABBAZIA
бокал для вина
Бокал для вина
cm h 20 x cl 50
12070     TOSCA
cm h 15,5 x cl 19
9390     TOSCA
бокал для вина
Бокал для вина
cm h 16 x cl 25
9400     TOSCA
рюмка для порто
Рюмка для порто
cm h 11,5 x cl 9,5
9880     TOSCA
рюмка для ликера
Рюмка для ликера
cm h 12 x cl 6,5
9890     TOSCA