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dish sets, dinner plates made in Italy
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Dish sets, dinner plates - Pewter · Ceramic

Pewter and ceramic in the dish sets:
The real great industrial revolution in dinnerware took place in Protohistoric and Prehistoric times with the discovery of systems for preserving fire and therefore the need for a fireplace. The way food was cooked changed. Earthenware began to be used and this led to the development of the art of ceramics. In the third century b.C, red-hot stones were plunged into ceramic pots which yielded their heat to the water thereby making it boil and cooking the food. It was only with the discovery of metals that prehistoric woman was able to put pots directly over the fire. Between the tenth and eleventh centuries, the use of tin and pewter, materials that had been worked ever since the third century, in dinnerware, led to the production of everyday functional articles. In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, wonderfully engraved and decorated pewter dinner sets made their appearance on the tabletops of the more well-to-do families. The tables of the rich were sumptuous and abounded in pewter and silver plates and trays. However, stoneware dishes, majolica plates and ceramic dinnerware became more and more popular.

Twenty-first century: the "Convivio" collection:
We wanted to combine the materials that had been so important for the evolution of dinner sets in Europe and the world into a single product . The idea was to make a perfect match between the two materials without using any kind of adhesive at all. We worked hard to ensure that the pewter bands around the ceramic plates and trays were positioned flush with the ceramic rims as though they were continuations of the rims themselves. Due to the fact that by nature the diameters of ceramic plates can never be exactly equal, the bands are adapted by hand for each item in order to ensure maximum adhesion. The "Convivio" collection is made from dishwasher proof "ironstone ceramics". The pewter rims satisfy all EEC and USA regulations governing containers for alimentary use.

Detailed list | Concise list
charger plate
Charger plate
cm Ø 31
15090     CONVIVIO
dinner plate
Dinner plate
cm Ø 27,5
15010     CONVIVIO
dinner plate - blue
Dinner plate - blue
cm Ø 27,5
15012     CONVIVIO
dinner plate - green
Dinner plate - green
cm Ø 27,5
15013     CONVIVIO
dinner plate - gold
Dinner plate - gold
cm Ø 27,5
15015     CONVIVIO
soup - pasta bowl
Soup - pasta bowl
cm Ø 24
15020     CONVIVIO
oval platter
Oval platter
cm 37x27
15100     CONVIVIO
cereal bowl
Cereal bowl
cm Ø 20
15040     CONVIVIO
cereal bowl - blue
Cereal bowl - blue
cm Ø 20
15042     CONVIVIO
cereal bowl - gold
Cereal bowl - gold
cm Ø 20
15045     CONVIVIO
round serving bowl
Round serving bowl
cm Ø 30
15110     CONVIVIO
round serving bowl
Round serving bowl
cm Ø 39,5
15060     CONVIVIO
white mug
White mug
cm h 10,5 x cl 40
15070     CONVIVIO
mug - blue
Mug - blue
cm h 10,5 x cl 40
15072     CONVIVIO
mug - green
Mug - green
cm h 10,5 x cl 40
15073     CONVIVIO
mug - gold
Mug - gold
cm h 10,5 x cl 40
15075     CONVIVIO
tea cup with saucer
Tea cup with saucer
cm h 7 x cl 30
15120     CONVIVIO
tea cup with saucer - blue
Tea cup with saucer - blue
cm h 7 x cl 30
15122     CONVIVIO
tea cup with saucer - green
Tea cup with saucer - green
cm h 7 x cl 30
15123     CONVIVIO
tea cup with saucer - gold
Tea cup with saucer - gold
cm h 7 x cl 30
15125     CONVIVIO
covered butter dish
Covered butter dish
cm 18,5 x 13 x h8
15230     CONVIVIO
covered butter dish - blue
Covered butter dish - blue
cm 18,5 x 13 x h8
15232     CONVIVIO
Covered butter dish - green
Covered butter dish - green
cm 18,5 x 13 x h8
15233     CONVIVIO
Covered butter dish - gold
Covered butter dish - gold
cm 18,5 x 13 x h8
15235     CONVIVIO
butter dome
Butter dome
cm Ø 14,2 x h 10
15200     CONVIVIO
butter bell - blue
Butter bell - blue
cm Ø 14,2 x h 10
15202     CONVIVIO
butter dome - green
Butter dome - green
cm Ø 14,2 x h 10
15203     CONVIVIO
butter bell - gold
Butter bell - gold
cm Ø 14,2 x h 10
15205     CONVIVIO
butter dome
Butter dome
cm Ø 10,5 x h 7,5
15350     CONVIVIO
covered soup bowl
Covered soup bowl
cm ø 14.5 x h 10.5
15400     CONVIVIO
covered soup bowl with plate
Covered soup bowl with plate
cm ø 14.5 x h 10.5
15405     CONVIVIO
kitchen cannister
Kitchen cannister
cm Ø16xh25,5 lt 1,55
15170     CONVIVIO
kitchen canister
Kitchen canister
cm Ø16xh21,5 lt 1,4
15180     CONVIVIO
cookie jar
Cookie jar
cm Ø21xh19,5 lt 2,3
15150     CONVIVIO
milk pitcher
Milk pitcher
cm h 8
15440     CONVIVIO
kitchen canister
Kitchen canister
cm Ø16xh21,5 lt 1,4
15190     CONVIVIO
sugar pot
Sugar pot
cm Ø 9,5
15430     CONVIVIO
oval tray
Oval tray
cm 24x17
15450     CONVIVIO
cm 35x19
15470     CONVIVIO
sugar packet caddy
Sugar packet caddy
cm 7,5x10,5xh4,5
15460     CONVIVIO
oval serving platter
Oval serving platter
cm 46 x 33
15420     CONVIVIO
round serving platter
Round serving platter
cm Ø 48,5
15290     CONVIVIO
casserole dish holder
Casserole dish holder
cm 37 x 22
15380     CONVIVIO
footed bowl
Footed bowl
cm 38xh16,5
15300     CONVIVIO
serving platter
Serving platter
cm Ø 45
15410     CONVIVIO
breakfast set
Breakfast set
cm h 8 x cl 65
10925     ETRURIA
smokeless ashtray
Smokeless ashtray
cm Ø 12.5
15480     VULCANO
bread plate
Bread plate
cm 18
15390     CONVIVIO